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Lead Generation

We remove the guess work by generating leads! The life of a business is being able to convert strangers just passing by into clients or partners. In addition, targeted email campaigns are used to reach the appropriate client base.
Our team loves being a part of growing and building businesses.


Our team specializes in choosing popular niches and using research to fuel our E-commerce business. We take the difficulty of making a shopping trip away. Clients have an invisible cart and can pay online, without having to leave their couch. There's no need to waste time searching stores for hard to find items. A google search will turn up the item you need in seconds.
We strive to make every shopping experience a breeze for our clients.

Digital Marketing

Any marketing efforts using an electronic device or the internet are considered to be digital marketing. Emails, social media, videos, and websites are all used as ways to reach out to current and prospective clients. It plays a huge role in growing your client base.
This form of marketing is essential to any successful business.


Our team tracks current and potential trends to expand our business both at home and across the border. Currently, our biggest source and destination for imports and exports is the amazing country of Costa Rica.
We aim to make our clients purchases seamless from order to delivery by ensuring that logistics are managed with care.

Direct Sales

We partner with first-class B2B vendors to provide quality products to our clients base. The sales are person-to-person, outside of the retail environment. In many cases, social media platforms are leveraged to make sales. Most of the time, our sales are made to repeat clients.
 Digital marketing can be used for direct sales, but word of mouth is a great advantage to this type of sale.

Our Team


Justin Davis

Justin is an expert who excels in many fields including lead generation, direct sales, digital marketing, e-commerce, import/export, and more. The knowledge that has been gained from these various fields allows him to capitalize on opportunities to grow his business. He is the definition of a leader and motivates his team to accept nothing but excellence. His vision for success inspires others to desire that same level of success. He enjoys listening to the specific needs and wants from clients in order to know exactly where and how he can help. His passion for starting and building businesses leads to win-win partnerships between himself, clients, and vendors.
 Operations Manager
 Executive Assistant
 Social Media & Design Manager

Our Work

Simply House Me

Real Estate Agency specializing in matching individuals to homes on the market based on their specific situations.


The project which goal is to give back by offering resources for the men and women who have made a decision to serve.

JBDSupply Enterprise LLC Facebook Shop

Our Facebook shop is one of the prime locations for our direct sales.

Soccer Trainer Pro

A fun, hands-free challenge for all ages that allows players to get more touches on the ball.

Bamboo Folding Desk

100% Natural Height Adjustable Foldable Tilt-Top Desk

AIO Makeup Brush Cleaner

The ultimate cleaner & dryer for makeup brushes.

Vertly Relief Lotion

Vertly Relief Lotion starts to relieve pain after the 1st application. Ideal for stressed muscles, legs, feet, neck, arms, back, and overall pain.



This site is a great place to start the search for a new car, connect with leading Auto Dealers and view a history report of any car.

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